20 Dangerous Cities in the World 2020


Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.” However painstaking, spontaneous and dangerous it could be, the thrill of the journey is something to remember.

When you plan out to visit a place for the first time, discover wonderful landscapes, awe-inspiring traditions, colorful cultures and so on and so forth…these only exist in a perfect scenario.

There are thousands of cities that people talk about where you can wander around, but how sure are you that the one you chose will not harm you?

It is very important to make a thorough research of the area you chose to spend your vacation in. It also holds true when you plan to decide to move to another place and call it your home.

The world is a big place. Before we settle and pin ourselves wherever that is, it is a must to know its environment, social issues, and government stability.

The Cities that Top the Charts

We gathered and researched the cities we categorized as the unsafe ones that landed on the top of our list. Most of them belong to some cities in the United States, others from South African countries and lastly from Latin American countries which were considered dangerous cities in the world.

We included in this article other cities in other parts of the globe that at large are still considered to be perilous.

We have listed them in no particular order.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

dangerous cities in the world

Home to the magnificent statue of Christ the Redeemer. You can also find famous beaches such as Ipanema Beach and Copacabana Beach. It is also home to thefts, pickpocketing, a number of mass demonstrations and civil unrest.

Johannesburg, South Africa

dangerous cities in the world

It’s a city in South Africa which means joburg, jozi or “city of gold”. Behind its beautiful name lies numbers of building hijacking, xenophobic, and gang violence that are rampant in the area. It’s a city full of potential but pulled back by these high crimes.

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

dangerous cities in the world

It’s one of the world’s most diverse culture and it has a rich heritage. A land of promise held back by a growing number of kidnappings and robberies. Even the US government issued a travel advisory to warn Americans who wish to go in this part of the world. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Memphis, TN, USA

dangerous cities in the world

They say this is the birthplace of rock n’ roll, blues and jazz music. But because of the gang wars happening around, the people have nothing to sing happy about. It ranked 11th among the most dangerous cities in the US last 2014.

Windhoek, Namibia

dangerous cities in the world

The capital city of the country. Its economy heavily lies in mining base metals, precious gem diamonds, uranium, silver, and gold. Foreign travelers are not safe in this place because they fall prey to attackers who target them.

Durban, South Africa

dangerous cities in the world

Durban boasts many beautiful attractions that will really entice tourists to come and experience them. Some say it’s okay to go down and visit the place as long as you trust a local guide from the hotel where you’re staying. A particular blog informed that numerous murders happen in the poorer areas of the region so better not take a chance to go there.

San Salvador, El Salvador

dangerous cities in the world

San Salvador is the largest and it’s the city capital of the country. It was established in 1525. The youth could have played a vital role in nation-building. But due to the widespread of gang activities, arms trafficking, narcotics, and extortion based on the US Travel Advisory, the youth themselves create an atmosphere of defeat and despair.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

dangerous cities in the world

Popular for its savannah-like climate and lush greens and the Caribbean breeze, its a lovely idea to have a day at the beach. It’s also a place for blood-bath of many homicide cases that happened in the last 10 years. The city was even tagged as “The Murder Capital of the World” until it was unseated in 2016.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

dangerous cities in the world

The “Friendly City” of South Africa. It is also known as Nelson Mandela Bay in honor of their late great leader. It’s popular for its pleasant weather and active seaport industry. Recently, news surfaced that there is an increasing number of crimes in this area – robberies and assault are occurring due to fraud and incapability of its police force.

Porto Alegre, Brazil

dangerous cities in the world

It was considered to be one of the wealthiest cities in the whole of Latin America because of the significant growth of immigrants coming from its nearby countries for work and business ventures. It used to pride low crime rates compared to the other parts of Brazil.

Things changed a few years ago, robbery and murder rates eventually soared high due to political and economic uncertainty.

Detroit, MI, USA

dangerous cities in the world

In the early 1920s, we witnessed the growth of the auto industry. It became such a huge success in this part of the United States. Now, all was lost due to recessions and economic downturns thus resulting to numerous crimes perpetrated by some of its residents.

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

dangerous cities in the world

Port of Spain is the central commercial district of Trinidad and Tobago. It’s losing its charm nowadays due to the increase of robbery even on broad daylight. That greatly hurt their local and foreign tourism. UK and the US both released travel advisories because of this.

Pretoria, South Africa

dangerous cities in the world

The city’s main industries impact iron, steel, and heavy machinery. It’s a relatively safe space but not at night. People are advised to stay home or inside their hotels because of the high risk of burglary and extortion.

Recife, Brazil

dangerous cities in the world

Recife is surrounded by rivers, which subdivide the city. Since its topography is also situated near conflicting cities in Brazil, people eventually saw a rise in the number of homicide cases in recent years.

Baltimore, MD, USA

dangerous cities in the world

Riots and shootings have become a regular incident in Baltimore resulting in the spike of recorded murder cases. It’s undergoing massive redevelopment which is a good government plan to revive the city from sham.

Cape Town, South Africa

dangerous cities in the world

The city is rich in history and culture as well as a hotspot of flourishing animal and plant life. Now it has become a battlefield of warring gangs killing each other because of the illegal drug trade.

Salvador, Brazil

dangerous cities in the world

It’s considered to be the cradle of international trade and economy because of its famous seaport industries. Salvador was able to rise as a champion for Brazil. It’s now a place of street crime such as stealing and violent physical attacks.

Kabul, Afghanistan

dangerous cities in the world

Kabul is popular for its palaces and gardens. It is located high up in a narrow valley between the Hindu Kush mountains.

It’s the only Asian city, which entered the top 20 of our dangerous list located in S0uth Asia. But due to countless acts of terrorism reported that are happening in the city, it is now considered as one of the unsafest cities. There are reports and notices shared globally not to travel to this city.

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

dangerous cities in the world

A South African city recognized for its wildlife and natural reserves tourism where you can find the Albert Falls Nature Reserve and Midmar Public Nature Reserve.

Once a beautiful place turned into a city of crimes that even some advice not to walk alone in broad daylight.

The city now ranks as the second most dangerous of 2020. The precinct murders were great contributors to its crime statistics.

Caracas, Venezuela

dangerous cities in the world

Last and definitely not the least, the city of Caracas in Venezuela was included among the most dangerous cities in the world. It earned the top spot in 2020 which unseated the former number one, San Pedro Sula city of Honduras.  Caracas is a service-based economy largely dependent on its workforce to run its economy.

A once beautiful city now tainted with extreme violence unimaginable and it doesn’t cease to increase annually since 2015.

Reasons Behind All These Turmoil

There are so many factors that we can point to why these situations arise – rule of the drug cartels, corruption and political conflicts, poverty, lack of educational support from the government and varying ideologies of the people.

top 20 dangerous cities in the world

The government and its citizens must work together to curb the transgressions and unlawful acts committed in these countries. They also need to address the stretching anxiety of their nations.

A city will never be categorized as dangerous if there’s a healthy and balanced relationship between its governing leaders and citizens.

How people think and form their decisions are rooted mostly on how they were born and raised. But for this particular issue, we can only think about our own safety when we travel and carefully plan our destination.


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