Easy Step to Explore Surigao Sur, Ph – A Travel Guide


Easy Step to Explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines – A Travel Guide

Easy Step to Explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines – A Travel Guide is an essential travel guide that has only one step for you to accomplish so that you can smoothly explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

Easy Step to Explore Surigao
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This 1 easy step to explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines is very vital to follow for this will serve as your guide to your smooth travel.

Probably, getting lost on the way for not following this only step will be remorse. This 3-minute read will really help you in having a memorable vacation this year.

Tired of being quarantined for weeks now?

girl with face looking tired and sighing to many times for being  quarantined
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Have you been sighing so many times for the days that have gone only spent for doing tiktok and scrolling your phone for social media updates back and forth where in fact you have scheduled your summer goals months ago? The time has come for you to look forward to thinking about where to expose your body under the sun and travel after this quarantine is done. This 1 step will help you explore Surigao del Sur with a smooth travel.

Is your residence far from the area? Not a problem at all!

If you are a reader from abroad who experiences breezy air, choosing the Philippines is one of the best options because the Philippines is surely gifted with only two seasons, rainy and sunny. This summer season, the Philippines can promise you warm weather and warm seawater as well.

If you are a resident of the Philippines, who lives in Northern area, having vacation down South, more specifically Surigao del Sur, is highly recommended. Numerous splendid spots are worthy to explore in just one province, which is a good thing for your travel expenses not to be too costly.

Sneak peeks of the area…

Surigao del Sur is a province with various tourist spots. Here’s to name some.

  • Enchanted River
  • Britania Islands
  • Tinuy-an Falls
  • Cagwait White Beach
  • Bao-Bao Falls
  • Malinawa Cool Spring
  • Libuacan Cold Spring
  • Laswitan Lagoon
  • Alameda Farm
  • San Pedro Farm
  • Vanishing Island
  • Sibadan Fish Cage Resort

The 1 Easy Step to Explore Surigao

In here, we are going to give you 1 Easy Step to reach and explore Surigao del Sur, Philippines. Moreover, you will surely have fun in various superb spots of Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

This only step is Book your Travel with Tripadvisor. You just have to click Things to do and you are good to go.

tripadvisor travel companion shows things to do
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Tripadvisor is an ultimate travel companion. This travel platform is the largest one around the globe that makes every trip the best trip. Most travelers put their trust and use Tripadvisor site or app to be their partner for their travel. Tripadvisor will show you low prices on hotels, flight and cruises.

You can also book popular tours and attractions with this travel partner. Not just that, even with reserving tables at great restaurants, you can entrust that to them.

Travel alone, with friends, with your better half, or with your family, if you want to have a safe, smooth, and fun travel, don’t hesitate to choose Tripadvisor to be your travel buddy.

Why do we recommend Surigao del Sur?

For ocean lovers – Surigao del Sur province is located along the northeastern coast of Mindanao facing the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

For Instagrammable posts – It is a province with numerous tourist attractions widely known on social media.

As for the province’s climate, it falls under the Type II climate of the Philippines which his characterized by rainfall distributed throughout the year. The rainy season begins from the month of November and ends in March. However, the previous year, the onset of the rainy season has not fallen on the usual time which makes the rainy season to last until June.

For adventurous travelers – If your vacation this April or May will have rainfalls and even storms, worry less because you can still have fun at Laswitan Lagoon where waves create a waterfall on the rock formations during storms and strong winds.

Take a look at the instagram post by @iamsurigao down below.

waterfall on rock formations

Travel without food is a big mood changer.

For food hunters – To tell you, Surigao del Sur is one of the suppliers of rice, bananas, and other tropical fruit. Seawater products also are terrific where fresh seafood is available. As for the sea plants, you can experience tasting fresh seagrapes at Lanuza.

Some travelers personally experienced picking the seagrapes during low tide. Another fun experience is a view of a seaweed garden at Barobo. As you travel your way on the ocean to the seaweed garden, you will get to see numerous huge starfish of different colors.

Get to know the Capital City of Surigao del Sur

sunrise at the boulevard

For city wanderers – For travelers who love to wander the city, Tandag City is the capital city of Surigao del Sur. You can have a cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts or Brew Central Coffeehouse. If you want to dine in restaurants, you can go to the Gold Bar or Mandarin Tea Garden. Hotels are also available in the city for you to relax. You can check-in at the Villa Maria Luisa Hotel and Shacene Hotel.

Surigao del Sur may be least heard, but this province is an awe-inspiring place to visit. Don’t hesitate to come and don’t forget to entrust your travel with Tripadvisor.

Most noteworthy, don’t forget to bring a heart full of energy to enjoy every step of your journey.

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  1. This article was very helpful. It compiled a list of some of the places I will want to explore on my first visit to the area. Although I was supposed to be there in May, this crazy virus has me in a holding pattern until travel is safe again. But there is no risk in travel research and reading so thank you for this information.


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