Cold Running Water: Summer escapade


What’s on Nagcarlan?

          The town of Nagcarlan also called by some visitors as mini Baguio because of the low temperature from Mount Banahaw. Also, the town was known because of much-running water that is subject to a swimming activity during summer. So, do you feel cold running water that comforts you? Does the air come makes you wanting more of it?

          Further, do you already satisfy your summer vacation? Is your family or group swimming ventures hit an affordable price? Most importantly, clean water and fresh air will the ones you will love about the town. Likewise, you should finish reading this article to broaden your map and eager to visit these bodies of water in Nagcarlan.

          Nagcarlan has clean flowing rivers, waterfalls, lakes, hills, and mountains. Besides, there are many historical places in the town such as the popular Underground cemetery, the old but unique Catholic Church, the Mount Banahaw view, and even the public market that rich from fresh fruit and vegetables from its barangay. And because of these, together with many resorts, you should explore the town.

          However, because of the lack of promotion, Nagcarlan is unknown by people from the near cities, though, locals have made their own ways to promote this town through social media and conducting nature-oriented activities like hiking and running.

          Nagcarlan town is also seen at the home of the tourist attraction in Lucban, Quezon, wherein a 50-foot statue of Jesus Christ is place. This what they call the Kamay Ni Hesus shrine, is a place where the tourist can view the town of Nagcarlan under the beauty of Mount Banahaw.

Your Bucket list during Summer:

  • Villa Lorenza

Villa Lorenza is located at Barangay Sinipian Nagcarlan, Laguna.
  • Balai Silangan Resort
  • Villa Martha Picnic Grove (the hidden Paradise)

This resort is located across the Balai and Villa Lorenza. It has another route on Silangang Napapatid Nagcarlan, Laguna.
  • Royo’s Resort


Royo’s Resort is located at Silangang Napapatid Nagcarlan, Laguna.
  • Glenda’s Resort
Glenda’s Resort is located at Silangang Napapatid Nagcarlan, Laguna.

  • Nagcarlan Forest Resort
Nagcarlan Forest Resort is located at Silangang Napapatid Nagcarlan, Laguna.

  • Villa Elena
It is located at Barangay Silangang Ilaya Nagcarlan, Laguna.   

  • Green Nature Spring Resort
Green Nature Spring Resort is located at Silangang Kabubuhayan Nagcarlan, Laguna

  • Villa Gregoria Terraces Resort
Located at Barangay Buboy Nagcarlan, Laguna.

  • Villa Terraces by Legazia (formerly Villa Sylvia)
Located at Barangay Buboy Nagcarlan, Laguna.

  • Villa Sotoya
Visit at Barangay Banago Nagcarlan, Laguna.

  • Buddha Garden Resort
Located at Barangay Yukos Nagcarlan, Laguna.

  • Casa de Tobias Mountain Resort
Mountain resort at Barangay Alibungbungan Nagcarlan, Laguna.

  • Twin Stone Resort
A former RGO which is located at Barangay Sabang Nagcarlan, Laguna.

  • Bunga falls
Twin falls at Purok 3 Barangay Bunga Nagcarlan, Laguna. This is not a resort with pools instead, anyone will be capture by the beauty of the running water from the falls to the rivers.

Being Undecided?

          Because of modern life, all resorts mentioned above has a Facebook page from the name itself. Anyone can visit the site to get an idea, therefore, they can plan ahead of time on its entrance fee, cottages, direction expenses, etc. Moreover, through social media, are some of the feedbacks of guests who visit the resorts and their experience during staying in the place. Some leave their article about the moments while on Nagcarlan.

          Thus, what are you waiting for? Call your travel buddies to explore Nagcarlan, Laguna. Prepare your baggage and start the fun and exciting experience this summer year. Live life to the fullest on the historical beauty of Nagcarlan, Laguna now.

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