15 Reasons You Should Include Maui, Hawaii in Your Bucketlist!


maui hawaii

Beautiful Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii! Ahh…It’s such a beautiful paradise.

Just the thought of it makes me want to fly back to this beautiful place. I can’t take my mind off of it just thinking about this amazing island, really!

Whenever I close my eyes, I can still hear the rushing waves of the ocean, the hot summer sun on one part, and then rainy foliage on another. I can even taste the salty breezy air and feel the breath-taking scenery there.

Maui, Hawaii is definitely a must-try destination that every family, honeymooners, backpackers, and even retirees can retreat to. Simply because it’s such a wonderful island paradise indeed!

Its Topography

Just to give you some insights about Maui. It’s the second-largest island in Hawaii. Aside from that, it’s also the 17th largest island in the United States.

It has an area stretching to as far as 727.2 square miles (1,883 km2) and with the highest elevation of 10,023 ft (3,055 m).

Its location is an area unique to its place, rich with its distinctive flora and fauna with flourishing cultural diversity.

Nothing can beat Maui, Hawaii!

Its Origins

Legend says that the original name of Maui was Ihikapalaumaewa.

Not long after, Hawai’iloa changed its name. He discovered the Hawaiian islands.

Hawai’iloa changed it in honor of his son who was named after the demi-god, Maui. Up until this day, this is the name that the island was known for. The people are proud of it.

Maui is an island that was formed from volcanic eruptions overlapping each other’s spewed lava. They formed this island through such a process for over a period of millions of years ago.

Pretty interesting, right?

Well, these are just some fast facts you need to know about Maui, Hawaii.

I still have a lot up my sleeves. Definitely, these will make you prepare that luggage hiding in your closet. Make you book that flight going to Maui, Hawaii at the earliest time possible.

I have listed 15 amazing things why this place is a must-visit!

Also, I included in the list the things you shouldn’t miss doing and seeing when you’re on the island.

So enjoy reading!

1.) Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park

Don’t forget to go to this area located in the West Maui Mountains.

Haleakala Crater is the most famous attraction in this area. Although they say that this is a dormant volcano, millions of tourists visit this place to experience its view, most especially the awe-inspiring Haleakala sunrise.

Some people camp their way and have some star-gazing at night. As they go in slumber, they wake up to its glorious sunrise the following day. It is a beautiful sight to see!

2.) Whale Watching

maui hawaii

It’s also one of the successful conservation campaigns launched on the island to save these whales from extinction.

Not long ago, they were hunted and killed that they decreased in number in about less than ten years.

It’s a good thing that there is a move like this for us to remember that we have a responsibility to safeguard not only these whales but also the entire marine life.

3.) Fun Water Sports Activities

maui hawaii

It’s not going to be voted as the “Best Island in the World” if not for its fascinating beaches in about all parts of the island. From shore to shore, there are various recreational activities that the island has to offer.

The most popular activity is snorkeling. You can snorkel your way in the west and south parts of Maui with over 30 beaches to explore!

Man! You could stay on the island snorkeling the whole summer.

You can also enjoy surfing and windsurfing in Kanaha Beach, Ho’okipa Beach, Honolua Bay and the like. These are just some of the prime spots to do such activities and there are other beaches to try.

Add to your itinerary – kiteboarding and kite surfing which are becoming more popular nowadays.

4.) Iao Valley

maui hawaii

This valley is 5 kilometers west of Wailuku, and it has lush greenery and wonderful landscape. It was assigned as a National Natural Landmark in 1972. It’s a must-venue for family bonding and nature-tripping

5.) Cliff Jumping

maui hawaii


If you’re up for some adrenaline rush, come and have a splash at these three locations in Maui where you can do some cliff jumping.

One of the best spots is Waianapanapa State Park in Kaeleku. You have to swim your way through in reaching your desired spot.

There are two good spots where you can do the jump – one is at 45 feet high above the nearest pool area and the other one is a little lower about 35 feet above the pool.

You can also include Black Rock, found at the tip of Ka’anapali Beach. It was so named because of the big chunk of lava found in the place. It’s pretty distinct in this part of the beach.

Just a heads up! Be cautious of the current. Sometimes it gets stronger you might be taken away by the sudden rush.

Another good spot is the Bridge at Seven Pools in Kipahulu. It’s not recommended for people with weak hearts. This one is for advanced cliff jumpers and divers.

The jumping point is actually a bridge that is 75 feet high. This place is home to seven pools and waterfalls. I highly recommend this place for thrill-seekers for the experience. They’ll surely have a fun time here.

6.) West Maui Circle Drive

maui hawaii

Prepare your monopod for some drive-by off the coast at West Maui!

You’ll truly enjoy the many great views on this long and winding road trip. Also, experience exciting stopovers with some of the famous beaches, gastronomic gratification, and of course, the fancy souvenir shops along your way.

Just prepare yourself for a bumpy ride and a heart-stopping adventure.

7.) Kahanu Garden

maui hawaii

This is a botanical garden along Hana Highway of 464 acres of vast land. It is home to a variety of fruits and vegetables and other local produce of the island.

It’s considered to be built on sacred ground, named after a chief who owned the land back in the 1800s. This is best to be toured about its rich historical significance in the Hawaiian culture.

8.) Twin Falls

maui hawaii

Feast your eyes to one of the favored spots on the road to Hana in Haiku-Pauwela!

The Twin Falls are real showstoppers! Aside from the famous falls, you can see hanging tropical vines looming over beautiful caves and caverns. It’s best experienced with your family and loved ones.

9.) Haiku Mill

maui hawaii

This area was a sugarcane processing factory in the 1800s. It later became a pineapple plantation and now a registered state historical site.

Only the walls of the mills were left standing. It gives us a glimpse of what Maui used to be and how it has become.

10.) Molokini Crater

maui hawaii

This place is very famous for its crescent shape volcanic crater. It’s believed to be the location of the umbilical cords of royalties buried under the ground. It’s a good snorkeling spot, too!

11.) The Nakalele Blowhole

maui hawaii

The Nakalele Blowhole is found on the northwestern coast of Maui. It blows a natural geyser without fail every 2-3 minutes!

Sometimes in the morning, if you’re lucky, you will see a rainbow mist if you’re positioned with the sun toward your back.

Just take heart that it’s a bit dangerous to get near it. I guess just admiring it from a distance is enough to adore such beauty.

12.) Maui Ocean Center Aquarium

It’s a big aquarium and oceanography center which sits in Maalaea. It’s a 3-acre marine facility, which houses the largest tropical reef you’ve ever seen.

The kids will learn a lot from the exhibits, educational shows and other activities it offers. It’s kid-friendly so your children will fall in love with this place most definitely!

13.) Luaus Here, There and Everywhere

maui hawaii

What could be a better way to experience Maui?

It is a must to engage in island festivities coupled with sight and sound and some Hawaiian entertainment at its finest.

Dance your way with all the merry-making and euphonious Hawaiin music. It will make you move to the beat of their songs and feel-good cheers.

14.) Food Choices

maui hawaii

Either you go for lavish food choices or opt for the cheaper deals. Any way you want it, Maui has it!

Have a taste of their malasadas and other local dishes or maybe dig their fresh fruit shakes. It’s heaven!

15.) The People

maui hawaii

With all these memorable trips, I would say meeting and greeting in Hawaiian style is the best experience. People are warm and friendly.

With every smile that greeted me in all these locations, I truly treasure!

The people are also very helpful to tourists like me.

I’m definitely going back to this wonderful place. A dream vacation is always waiting for me there.

Mahalo, Maui, Hawaii! A hui hou…

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