The Pros and Cons of Using GPL Themes and Plugins

gpl themes pros and cons

What are GPL themes and their Pros and Cons?

If you are here looking to know if GPL themes can be a good way to start with your WordPress website. Then here are some insights on what is WordPress and GPL License.

WordPress has been used by millions of internet marketers worldwide and is the best website platform on the internet. New and old marketers, from bloggers to affiliate marketers, from small to big business owners. WordPress has been their way to go for creating their websites. WordPress developers and website developers have been creating website themes/templates for internet marketers to easily upload it on their dashboard.

What are wordpress themes and templates?

WordPress themes and templates are those already made designs to be used for creating websites. Some themes are made suitable for different categories and other themes are made for different services offered. With the look and feel that the visitor and website owner may like.

What are GPL Themes and Plugins?

Some of you may think that GPL themes and Plugins are a brand or a company name of a product. Nope, it’s not…GPL themes are the type of licenses that comes within the license terms of most themes/templates and plugins for WordPress. Marketplaces like ThemeForest and Codecanyon that are selling WordPress themes and plugins have almost 100% GPL licensed products.

What Exactly is GPL?

GPL or General Public License comes with any WordPress products you may have bought on themes and plugins marketplaces. This license allows you or give you the right to do anything with the product you have bought. It can be WordPress themes or WordPress plugins, page builders, Softwares, and many more that have GPL included. GPL does not have any limitations and restrictions, especially on modifications as well as distributions.

PROS for GPL License Theme and Plugins

The best thing with GPL licensed theme and plugins is that you can use it with unlimited domains and clients. You can also modify the theme code and there are no limitations on the distribution of the product.

Cons for GPL License Theme and Plugins

Well, if there are PROs then, of course, CONS does exist as well. The bad side of using GPL license products is that you can’t contact support. You won’t get any support for problems you may be facing. Using just the GPL license won’t give you any update of the themes, plugins, or products you have. Themes and plugins that are not updated will expose your website to a high risk of getting hacked. This mostly happened when your source is not genuine and has changed the codes and turn it into null.

Will there be a problem using GPL license?

Nope, using GPL license products won’t be a problem at all. Unless, if your source is not genuine then you might be facing some difficulties. As a start-up, then just use the GPL theme at the moment and just buy the license later on. Also, using a GPL theme needs an understanding of basic WordPress for you to easily troubleshoot some problems in time.

Recommendation: I would recommend to purchase the licensed theme by the author/developer. This will ensure your websites safety plus the support you will get will be top notched. Being said, GPL licensed theme are not really bad specially when you use it for testing purposes. I wouldn’t recommend using it on live websites specially when you are trying to sell something.


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