How a $60m weight-loss app has cured my personal pain


A weight-loss app worth $60 million in revenue is claiming to help transform people’s lives through programs on men’s and women’s weight loss, walking, meditation, yoga, running, and more. Its founder, Ukrainian businesswoman Victoria Repa, shares the story of the app named BetterMe.

On the March 30th report on BBC News, the news agency talked about and revisited “The Boss” series from BBC weekly which featured profiles of various entrepreneurial leaders from across the globe, including Repa.

In support of business magnate and influencer Warren Buffett, the app known as BetterMe anchors its story of previous personal experiences, and the goals of those individuals who might want to try using their programs.
$60m weight loss app?

Right today, BetterMe and its sister apps have been downloaded more than 40 million times, and protect more than 500,000 paying subscribers, with around 80 percent being women, and keeping its annual revenue at $60 million, the BBC report said.

“We believe that creative thinking is the driving force of humankind. It’s also the foundation of our company’s culture,” the app’s official website stated.

BetterMe is described as a family of applications that help individuals believe in their capabilities through various sports and activities, with the goal of motivating them and creating happiness toward the best versions of themselves.

It consists of a team that works with no limits to help people be the best they can through innovative products and information for health, proven to have already helped millions of people find happiness worldwide.
Their story

The way Repa’s app is now continuously educating people in the world about their health reverberates from her life prior to becoming a successful businesswoman in tech. It was in a tiny village east of Ukraine where she grew up, but not without challenges.

In the secondary school she attended, there were reportedly only 12 children in the class and not just this, but with limited resources. The 27-year-old recalled, “Lessons would only last 20 minutes in winter, because we didn’t have any heaters.”

There was no shortage of books, though. And this did not stop her for pursuing her dreams.

Victoria decided to secure a job to fulfill her life’s ambitions. She dreamed of creating an app that will help various people lose weight, healing their pain and inspiring them to do business. Based in Kyiv, she partnered with co-founder Vitaly Laptenok who was specializing in weaving video content for marketing campaigns.
The BetterMe app today

The way the app is today is very different from its crude moments before. According to Mintel Leisure research group leisure analyst Lauren Ryan, one of the factors that led to the popularity of the app is the rising costs of gym and fitness clubs memberships.

She believed that this is not making them “a feasible option” for consumers, especially now that they are transforming ways to digital products on fitness. She added, “The trend is here to stay.”

BetterMe will keep on growing, with Victoria now seeing herself as the “chief everything” founder and leader, and with their 80-strong workforce ready to serve its patrons, BBC News added.



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