Mobile Legends Bang Bang 5v5 Moba Game


Mobile Legends is a free to play mobile multiplayer online battle arena. It features much of what players expect from a PC MOBA like League of Legends, including item builds, hero roles, hero abilities, jungle, skins, and more. Its touchpad that controls the gameplay, experience it on phones with customizable options that add auto-aiming and last hitting to make the game easier to control.

Players go with other players across the world that displays their country flags next on their character picks. Mobile Legends provides also a sports community feature, it includes built-in live streaming and a stream you watch from within the game as well as e-sports system that makes the players to view a high level of play.

Mobile Legends has its Key Features :

  • 5v5 MOBA gameplay – in classic MOBA it is a battle between the real opponents, fighting over the three lanes to take down the enemy tower.
  • Quick Matching – it’s a quick leveling game where you can join a game within 10 seconds and finish the match within 10 minutes.
  • Variety of Heroes – you can choose from a variety of the selection of heroes that will be fit with the role that a player wants.
  • Built-in Live Streaming – it’s where you can stream your play or to browse active streams to view other games. It has a lot of filters that allow player to search heroes, tanks and more.
  • Mobile Controls – you can control your character with a joystick on the left and unleash abilities on the right side. It’s either the auto-aiming feature or the manual with the touch screen. 

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