Honor of Kings Game Review


What is Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings is a multiplayer mobile online battleground that is created by the Timi Studio Group and produced by Tencent Games. When you play Honor of Kings it is required to have a Tencent QQ or WeChat account. If the players have different devices, but the same accounts they can also play through cross-platform multi-player. Even so some in-game basis is not functioning including clan inviting, daily gift, and viewing of users profile because different types of accounts can’t enter matchmaking of others although they are using the same platform. In this game you can choose several heroes you like with unique skills and abilities. There are six different heroes known as a tank who defense the base, fighter, assassin, mage who has magic damage, marksman, and support. 

Honor of Kings Gameplay

The primary game strategy of game systems include managing a character with amazing skills to kill the individual character and rival to obtain golds and encounter to use in unlocking the ability of the character, and it’s power. The gold is used as money to purchase needed items. Players can correlate to kill enemies using defensive structures know as “turrets”, and they can achieve a victory by demolishing the center building which is located at the team base of the enemy. The gameplay procedures depend on the chosen game mode. The level of the games starts at levels 1 to 30 which is the maximum level. As you level up you can get rewards and bonuses. You can use it for several purposes like buying a new titleholder. Players can also be earned golds, and experience through beyond game matches. Honor of Kings has many types of game modes, where the main focus is the aggressive matchmaker. They can either play 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 or join in several environment adventure modes. These are the game modes

5v5 Valley of Kings 

It is the most played game mode that has a ranked game using the same map. It has a ten-player where each of them is controlling a hero, it is divided into two to opposite teams of five. The conditions to gain the victory are to demolish the center of the enemy’s building or either the team will surrender. 

3v3 Batter of Changping

It has also the same rules same with other game modes. It has 6 players divided into 3 in each opponent. In this mode, it has only one route going to the enemy’s base. Each of the teams has a tower to defense, the victory goes to the team who destroys the tower. 


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