Call of Duty Mobile Game Review

Call of Duty Action Packed Multi-Player
Call of Duty: Mobile is a game that brought new advances to the first time person shooter genre with a team-based component. It won numerous awards because of its features and graphics. Call of Duty is an online game with an online player.  The current season right now is the Season 4 Disavowed, it was released on February 29,2020. This new season of Call of Duty Mobile has an additional character, maps, and a battle pass. One of the highlights of Disavowed is Cage, which is the first original map to launch in Call of Duty mobile. It introduces Soap as a player character and adds the new H. I. V. E. The operator skill that allows you to have multiple proximity mines that released tank drones to attack enemies. With this new battle pass, you’ll collect the colorful MacYavish skin for AK117, plenty of points, urban tracker characters, and crates. You can get some rewards by the free version of the Battle Pass, but for you to unlock all the rewards you need to spend 560 Call of Duty points for the Premium Pass. Call of Duty: Mobile has three different game modes. It’s the Zombies, Multi-player, and Battle Royale.
  • Zombies – is a survival mode to take on the endless waves of the undead, but if you want to spruce your zombie killing with a bit of thrill. Just find a new Raid mode where you can unlock new areas as you progress in the entire game.
  • Multi-player – is the classic Call of Duty that players usually know and like. In this mode, it’s a battle of 5v5 teams.
Battle Royale – it takes 100 players against each other in Battle Royale and the time lasted for 15 minutes per match. You can play solo, with a friend as a duo or four-person squads together. You have the option if you want to play in the first or third person, it gives the gameplay a different feeling in each player. It is completely a different map that separates from War zone and Blackout.


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