Best Social Mobile Puzzle Games Played By Women

pet rescue saga

Puzzle games used to be known as a simple category with a simple idea. Players are going to solve puzzles for time killing enjoyment. Sometimes we have to face circumstances where time becomes boring and uninteresting days. Mobile puzzle games can be a kind of good help at that moment where you can solve puzzles with the brain-tickling. These puzzle games have super simple mechanics and graphics with silly ideas. Some of these games are absolutely fairly intense and compound with stories and even fantastic graphics. Finding a really amazing and best puzzles games cannot be straightforward as there are more than thousands. So, here are the suggestions of the best social mobile puzzle games that you can enjoy.

Monument Valley

Is one of the most stunning puzzle games that everyone will like. It is entirely different from other easy-going and classical puzzle games. Instead, it builds an ocular vision and puzzling architectural game where you have to guide the princess in a mystical world. The form of the game that makes a player more playful and it’s a striking puzzle game that makes your head fall over the heel. 

Roll the Ball

It is a classic and funny puzzle game with a glance of a modern twist. Roll the Ball must be the best option for those who want an enjoyable experience. It is totally a tricky game which can be a good solution when you are feeling bored. This game is about sliding the tiles to make the way for the ball to its landing place. It is straightforward to understand the goal of the game, but very tough in reaching the goal.

Block! Hexa puzzle

It is one of the best social puzzle games that you can deal with the boring time. You can play it for enjoyment. This game is about puzzling hexagonal diamonds and jewels that you have to use for you to complete the rows. As it needs a fast brainstorming, it must increase your intelligence and thinking capabilities. It is the easiest game but will give you a hard time in thinking. 

Candy Crush

Is known as one of the first and most successful game. It can be played completely without spending money. These game played by matching three or more of the same colors, removing those candies from the board and replacing them with new ones, so, you can make further matches. Matches of four or more candies make identical candies that serve as power-ups with large board-clearing abilities. This game split into many levels, which must be completed in order. Each level has a different challenge to the player. 

Pet Rescue Saga

Is one of the best puzzle games that will challenge you to shatter sets of blocks to finish each of the levels, and rescue the animals inside the blocks. The game has more than a hundred different levels and the graphics are always the same that you need to break a group of colored blocks. It is a simple as tapping on a form of blocks of the same color. But remember that one false move can be tragic. As soon as you rescue an animal that needs your help, you have to bring it back down to safety. Rescuing the pets earns you points that can help you score the three stars in each level.

Empires and Puzzles

If you want an interesting role-playing puzzle game, then Empires and Puzzles will be the best choice. It is one of the greatest in class puzzle games that will give you a mind-blowing graphics and collective multi-functional touches combination. It will let you feel the thrill of fighting with epic heroes, matching games, and monster hunting experience. You can create, solve, collect, and upgrade to become the ultimate hero. It is an interesting game that makes the player enjoyed a thrilling game. 

Block Puzzle

It is one of the interesting puzzles games that age is not a factor. To pass your boring time, playing a puzzle game is really a great idea. It is a very addictive but easy puzzle game. The graphics and touch combinations are excellent. There are Puzzle blocks that have different colors that you need to match to win the game. So, the game tactics are very simple to understand for people of any age. These game has no time limit and has unlimited hints. It will relax you and doesn’t create any pressure.

Mini Metro

It is a puzzle game that you have a task to draw up subway lines that connect in various stations that pop up as your city expands. You need to make sure the passengers will arrive where they need to go in a timely fashion, which requires to redraw your lines to be more effective. With a dazzling minimalist aesthetic, a flexible soundtrack that’s fleshed out through the subway lines you create, and a lot of different game modes to enjoy, you will absolutely fall in love with the graphics of Mini Metro.

Farm Heroes Saga

Is a social puzzle game that is made by, creators of the best popular Candy Crush Saga. The playing experience of this game is more likely to Candy Crush,  it replaced candies and sweets product of fruit and farm. The gameplay is almost similar you will combine fruit of the same type on a set of the game board so that they will disappear. As you do this, you will proceed on a map build-up of more than 100 levels full of fruits and other farm goods. 

Two Dots

It is the best yet simple puzzle game to learn, difficult to adept, and super addictive. This is the continuation of the wildly popular Dots game, and the intention remains the same match or connects as many dots of the same color as you can. This continuation brings a new skill to the game, along with more than 900 levels to work. Two Dots provide a direct adventure of style in Treasure Hunt, and you will unlock a new method called Expedition once you’ve reached level 35.


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