Money Saving Tips for Moms Everywhere


Top 5 Money-Saving Tips for Stay At Home Moms

Money Saving tips are very important information for those who are stay at home moms like me.

I decided to resign from my 6-year corporate job as a customer service associate in one of the outsourcing companies in our city. Traffic jams, humid weather and long travel to work just made me want to stop and rest in a quiet place. My son is the top reason why I want to stay home. I want to be there during his important milestones.

Overwhelmed by my new role, things to do started to pile up. Day in and day out, my schedule was a mess. To lessen the struggle, I made a list of what to do every day. Stick to it and get some rest. It worked great for me.

Losing one income stream means less money to budget. Working on how to save money is next in my to do list. I turned to my journals and started listing the things I needed to prioritize. Google is the best site to check for insights from Mommas like me. Here are the top 5 that I found.

Money-Saving Tips for Moms Who Make a budget

Money Saving tips for moms

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I have browsed different sites and almost all of them put this as their first tip.

Stick to your budget – Plan the meals your family will have in the next few days. Stick to your list that includes main meal ingredients to movie night snacks. Focus on the list and don’t get tempted to buy extra stuff. 

Go to the store alone – This saves time and money. Believe me. Most mothers can relate. No need to get into details.

Don’t go with empty tummy – We are talking about saving. Let’s save a buck or two for food to go.

Grow Your Own

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 Oh, how I love to do this. Most importantly, this gives the best health benefits. Aging gracefully has something to do with a little physical activity outside added to your daily routine.

Improves family’s health – You enjoy better tasting nutritious food served on the table

Ensures food safety – You grow your fruits and veggies organically with no chemicals.

Best exercise – This is the best way to stay active and get outside for some fresh air.

Savings – Having a garden saves you a few dollars for groceries.

Embrace Minimalism

Money Saving tips for moms

Living this kind of lifestyle gives you peace of mind, space, time, clarity and freedom to focus on cultivating your true self and engage fully with your daily life.

Keep your possessions few – This makes a room for more important things.

Focus less on material things – These things create stress and you’re always scared of losing. Simplify your life and live with a calm, peaceful mind. 

 Don’t purchase extra stuff – Worst of all, this would just add up to your clutter

Pay In Cash

Money Saving tips for moms
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Believe me, this helps you mentally. This is very helpful especially that you have to keep that expenses low. Using a credit card might give you an illusion of a lot of money which is not yours.

Limited spending– You will only use what’s in your wallet, no more, no less.

No unnecessary fees – I meant the interest and the annual fees you pay to these credit card companies. They are not reasonable if you have other options.

Start A Side Hustle

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Well, I understand the feeling of no income and fully dependent on your husband’s wage. Having a side hustle assures me that if things go sideways, I have something extra in my pocket.

Learn and Earn -You learn a new skill. Earning is the second best.

Keep your mind active – Do a thing or two that are off your daily routine

 A little extra for yourself – A salon visit in two months to keep you, Momma, on track. 

With these tips, I am more equipped and ready to be a stay at home super mom. Progress and not perfection is my ultimate goal.

The best part is, I have a wonderful time with the kids and get to play with them.  It is always a wonderful feeling to be able to spend time with your family, take care of the house and earn at the same time.

To all mothers out there. We can do it!


  1. Amazing article. Reading this, helps me realize how to lessen my daily cost and boost my income. Looking forward for more write-ups like this.

  2. Love this article. I realize that being a mom you can do everything as long as you are with your loved ones. Thank you for sharing this tips.


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