Top 10 Cheap auto insurance and best auto insurance in Texas for 2020

cheap auto insurance and best auto insurance in texas

Cheap Auto Insurance and Best Auto Insurance in Texas for the year 2020

Cheap auto insurance Texas is auto insurance in Texas that has cheaper rates but at the same time is one of the best auto insurance in Texas. The number of cars registered since 2017 in the state of Texas has reached more than 8 million cars registered. The average number of cars per household in Texas was around 2 cars on average. Cheap auto cars in Texas are the best bet for people as there are a lot of these auto insurance companies popping up. Here we will give you the top 15 cheap auto insurance and best auto insurance companies in Texas.

1. West Texas Insurance Of Lubbock – Cheap Auto Insurance

West Texas Insurance Agency is one of the best cheap auto insurance agencies in West Texas. This company has been in the insurance business since 1995. Right now they have gathered around 28 reviews on Google reviews with an absolute 5.0 reviews from their customers. Although the agency offers different types of insurance, one of their best insurance offers is Auto Insurance in Texas.

2. Remco Auto Insurance – Best and Cheap Auto Insurance

Remco Insurance has been offering insurance services for around or more than 30 years. The insurance business started in 1987 in Texas and has around 150 employees at 90 + branches. The company has boosted its proven track record for its best customer service. Having a rating of 4.9 average for 50 google reviews is really a good rating to maintain. Their Texas branch opens around 8 Am and closes around 7 PM

3. Texas Legacy Insurance Group

Texas Legacy is a group formed to create an insurance company and is aiming to deliver the “best value insurance and services”. As most of the insurance companies, they also offer 100% free quotes to their customers including some complimentary analysis. The company has 5.0 reviews based on 14 reviews from google reviews. You may also check out on their website for the latest reviews based on their customers’ experience.

4. Freeway Insurance

Freeway insurance company is another most visited insurance company in Texas. They have branches in Waco, Midland, Huntsville, and Bryan gathering a total of 333 reviews from google reviews. Their ratings for such amount of reviews reached around an average of 4.79 or rounded to 4.8. Unlike the top 3 insurance I have mentioned above, Freeway insurance started around 12 years ago in 2008. The company is not too young but is also not too old to get such appraise from its customers’ experience reviews.

5. Thurman Insurance Agency

Thurman Insurance company is located in Dallas, Texas had around 80 reviews on google reviews with a 4.7 rating. Although they were a bit lower than the others above, the number of their reviews from other websites like the BBB, Yelp, YellowPages, and on their website has been enormously very high. They also offer different types of insurance but Auto insurance is one of their specialties.

6. Insurance Discounters of Texas

Insurance discounter of Texas has been founded by Lance Wiley in 1995 and has been in the industry up until now. The company is still offering cheap auto insurance in Texas but is also one of the best-reviewed insurance companies on google. Their office is located in Tomball, Texas and you may call them on their phone number specified on their website. Insurance discounter has gathered 4.8 ratings for 24 reviews on Google reviews which is fairly good.

7. Amtex Auto Insurance

Amtex has varieties of insurance services offered around Weslaco and Alice, Texas and was founded 20 years ago fulfilling their promises to their customers. Right now branches have reached over 70 just in Texas and keep on giving their customers the satisfaction of their services. Amtex Auto Insurance is one of the best auto insurance in Texas having an average total rating of 4.7 on google reviews based on 61 customer reviews. These reviews are given by their customers from Weslaco and Alice, Texas.

8. Baja Auto Insurance

Baja auto insurance company is one of the most reviewed auto insurance service providers on google reviews. They received a 4.6 rating based on 207 customer review experience on the service they provided. The company is located in Dallas, Texas and is open around 9 AM to 7 PM

9. A-Max Auto Insurance

A-max has boasted for its lowest cost insurance provided to thousands of residents in Texas and business as well. You can shop at A-Max for the best prices and coverage options from more than 20 couriers. Right now, they are offering different types of insurance services and their top service is auto insurance. They are aiming to be the best of the best. They have a current rating of 4.6 from 119 customer-based reviews on google and have branches in Waco and Bellmead, Texas.

10. Auto Partners Insurance

Auto partners insurance company is located in Bryan, Texas and has been in the insurance business since 1989. They officially became an insurance agency in 2001 and started to sell car insurance. Although they started to sell auto insurance and Auto partners also offer other services of insurance. They currently have a rating of 4.6 stars based on 43 customer reviews on Google reviews.

How do we rate the best cheap auto insurance in Texas?

So how do we rate our best cheap auto insurance in Texas for this year? Easy, we search on google using the keyword Cheap auto insurance in Texas and rate them through their reviews from google reviews. We added the top 1 having a 5-star rating on google reviews as the best car insurance in Texas. They are also based on how many customer reviews they have. Therefore, the others also need to be based on their star ratings and how many reviews they’ve got. The more the reviews the better rankings they have for us on our list.

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