KingSwap: A DeFi Liquidity Pool Platform


What is KingSwap?

KingSwap is your latest innovative DeFi liquidity pool platform that introduces superior features compared to its predecessor, Uniswap. It takes advantage of their protocol, and improves this by adding more features to make DEX protocols more valuable, efficient, and attractive to customers. 

Through offering off-ramp fiat conversions, high-performing returns, and betting prizes, as well as non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs), the company aims to elevate your game beyond what it can do today. It creates better financial futures. 

Since it is upgraded from Uniswap with more features added, it finds itself aligned to the priorities of the community of blockchain enthusiasts, especially when it comes to incentives on governance and the independent community. It likewise introduces the King token, defined as a platform ownership token where KingSwap offers more liquidity and welcomes you to new opportunities for shareholders and liquidity providers in order to earn vast rewards. Right from the very large, early vinyl accounts on the platform have benefited from different airdrops.

How will this start up company help?

Oftentimes, you may find yourself into the world of online platforms for recreation, like cryptocurrency for instance. This is what KingSwap is about. It is your newest decentralized finance or DeFi liquidity pool platform that has evolved from what UniSwap offered in the past. 

Apart from producing solutions in off-ramp fiat currency conversion, they also let their users be more convenient in the worlds of fiat and cryptocurrency. Moreover, it has also added new features for the blockchain community that champions the core design of Uniswap, plus added features to help users enjoy real-time benefits with contributor rewards and price curves.

The design of its protocol is also fantastic. It offers opportunities to align incentives for its users through introducing strategies including network effects and pool rewards. 

Recently, this DeFi project unveiled it has raised more than $20 million in liquidity support and funding. It went live on Uniswap on October 31st. 

What is KingSwap’s goal to achieve?

One of the ultimate goals of KingSwap is to offer an extensive array of rewards, as well as digital collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens to the world of cryptocurrency and more. It has the DeFi DEX that features fiat conversions, plus a legal structure that claims to address shortcomings within the boundaries of DeFi. 

Otherwise known as decentralized finance, DeFi pertains to an open monetary or finance system built upon the latest ventures of decentralized blockchain technology. One of the key motivators of the unveiling is that there are several people in the world who lack access to financial services.

Their respective economies are offering solutions for wealth-building, but not every person in the population gets the benefit. In itself, the introduction of Uniswap has offered a great help in the blockchain community, as it attempts to solve low liquidity problems inherent to DEX with its protocol known as the automated market maker or AMM. This allows the community to exchange tokens or trade them through smart contracts, more than with other traders in the vicinity.

Who are in the team?

KingSwap is composed of various people in the team. The members are: Emelia Thiara (operations and administration), Edmund, in-charge of generating moolah, Amanda Tan (marketing and PR), Danz Lee (operations), Anish Mohammed (tech), Ahamad, Veronica, and more.

kingswap team

It also has advisors, including Michael Terpin, Dunstan Teo, Robert Choi, Alex Nascimento, Giampaolo Parigi, Christian Rio, and Lionel Iruk. Dr. Christian Rio is Chief Executive Officer at Green Candle X Capital; Dr. Giampaolo Parigi is a venture capitalist; and Prof. Alex Nascimento is faculty and co-founder at UCLA Blockchain. They join other advisors who are recognized globally in the industry of cryptocurrency, including Dr. Robert Choi, Michael Terpin, Lionel Iruk, Esq., and more.

kingswap team 1

The founders of the team include Dr. Anish Mohammed, who has worked and advised companies including HSBC, Zurich, and Lloyds, and was also an early advisor to Ripple and Ocean Protocol; Dunstan Teo, who is Chief Architect of the Fido Protocol, and is Sanctum Pte Ltd president; Ho Chin Shin, who previously worked as Standard Chartered Bank director, and more.

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Bitcoin org username: Amazes
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ETH Address: 0xb552fAc639B8aB099CA5cfd1dD4366aFD38D01D1

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