How To Claim Free KICK Token from KickExchange

kickex tokens

Making money online has never been easy and due to the crisis, we are facing these days with the COVID pandemic. People need to learn more ways to make money even without leaving their homes. Of course, there are lots out there that show you can easily make money online but the problem is, is that company really reliable? Aren’t they scam? These are the most questions that people are asking when they heard of making money online.

There are lots of ways to check if the offer is a scam. You can easily know that by checking the company that is giving you the offer. How easy the offer is and how good the offer is. Sometimes, a “too good to be true” offer which promises you big amounts of money to earn mostly ended up as a scam. I myself would stay away from that. But not all of these offers are a scam, you just need to take some time to check the background of the company and how long are they available. 

So, here on this guide, I would like to add my review on how we can make money easily by just referring friends or people to a company without them spending money and you/us spending any dime as well. $9 is not a very big amount to grab and not a very big amount to give as well for a very competitive company.

What is KickEx or KickToken?

KickEx is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows crypto-traders to trade and pay very low fees on their transactions and earn tokens at the same time. About almost a year ago, KickEx has distributed a large number of their tokens to various trusted ERC20 Addresses. When we say trusted ERC20 addresses, it means that these addresses are very active in a way that they have a lot of transactions and just newly created or non-active/no transaction ERC20 addresses. 

888,888 KICKTOKENS distributed to various address
Yes, that’s right, when the tokens are distributed that is worth $50 and right now it is half its original or normal prices. Sadly, these tokens cannot be used, people can only use it to pay as fees on their trades via the KICKEX platform. But hey! Isn’t it nice to trade for free? Another thing is that you can also get free 5000 KICK tokens which are equal to $9. If you are interested to join and trade via the platform hop-in now and register yourself to get your 5000 Tokens FREE! Claim it here

What are you waiting for get your account registered now!


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